Lawful Development Certificate confirms replacement of mobile home in residential use in the Cotswolds

A Lawful Development Certificate has been granted to confirm the replacement of a mobile home which had been in residential use for more than 10 years. Evidence was submitted to establish that the mobile home had been on the site for a number of years and that it had been occupied as a dwellinghouse.  The [...]

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Approval of Self Build Barn Conversion

Planning Permission granted for a Self Build Barn Conversion in Bedfordshire. Prior notification for change of use from an Agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) was approved in August 2015. Following this a full planning application for conversion of the barn to form dwellinghouse and erection of a detached car barn was [...]

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Approval of Reserved Matters for 30 dwellings in Milton Keynes

Reserved Matters approval has been granted for 30 dwellings on Phase 4A of the Milton Keynes Tattenhoe Park for developer Lodge Park Ltd. Outline Planning Permission was granted for 1310 dwellings with associated infrastructure and community facilities in 2007 and again in 2017 at Tattenhoe Park on the western edge of Milton Keynes. Phased [...]

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Low Impact Dwelling retained on appeal

This low impact dwelling in Buckinghamshire was granted on appeal in November 2009. A developer bought the site and commenced work in 2016.  However some amendments were made to the design during the construction and the Planning Authority requested a retrospective application which was refused.  An Enforcement Notice was then issued to demolish the [...]

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Two Detached dwellings approved on garden land

Planning Permission has been granted for two detached dwellings on garden land in a Bedfordshire town for Status Homes Ltd. The site lies to the north of an existing small housing development and currently forms part of the rear garden of an existing house. The adjoining land to the north is residential gardens and [...]

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Permission for new building for Captain Tom Foundation

Planning Permission has been granted for a new building for use in connection with The Captain Tom Foundation and its charitable objectives. Whilst the approved building is for uses incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling house it is within the curtilage of a Grade II Listed Building and therefore required express planning permission. [...]

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Residential Development of 15 dwellings approved adjacent to settlement

Residential Development of 15 dwellings  was approved adjacent to the existing settlement of a Bedfordshire village for Status Homes Ltd. The site was relatively flat and open to the road. The northern and southern boundaries were adjacent to existing residential curtilages of neighbouring dwellings and the eastern boundary was defined by mature hedge planting. [...]

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Reserved Matters granted following Outline approval

Reserved Matters approval has now been granted and all conditions discharged following the Outline Planning Permission granted on appeal in a Bedfordshire village for Status Homes Ltd. The application for reserved matters was for approval of details of the appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for seven dwellings and garages. The Outline planning approval was [...]

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Planning appeal allows residential development

Outline Planning Permission was allowed in a planning appeal for 8 dwellings on an edge of settlement site in Bedfordshire for Status Homes Ltd. This edge of settlement site is now surrounded on three sides by approved development and was therefore considered to be a natural extension to the village. An Indicative Layout was [...]

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Residential Redevelopment of Previously Developed Land (PDL)

J & J Design have secured Planning Permission in Outline for residential redevelopment for up to 75 dwellings on previously developed land (PDL) in Lower Stondon, including the completion of a Section 106 legal agreement. The Council officers concluded that the proposal would result in the redevelopment of a site considered to form previously developed [...]

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