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What are the different types of Planning Appeal and when should they be used?

When planning permission is refused by the local planning authority there is a right to appeal. A planning appeal is made to The Planning Inspectorate and decided by an independent Inspector.

There are various types of appeal which depend upon the type of planning application.

Householder appeals

An appeal against the refusal of a Householder application must be made within 12 weeks of the planning refusal.  These appeals normally proceed by a fast track written representations procedure where the appellant submits the appeal representations and the Inspector considers these in relation to the Councils refusal.  The Council do not have an opportunity to submit any further comment.

Other appeals

Most other types of planning appeal must be submitted within six months of the decision.

Planning appeals can be undertaken by three methods:

  • Written Representations
  • Hearing
  • Public Inquiry

The method of appeal depends on the type and size of project and the level of local interest.  Most appeals are dealt with by the Written Representation method however there is opportunity to request an alternative method.  The final decision on determining the procedure is made by The Planning Inspectorate on receipt of the appeal. A Hearing or Public Inquiry will normally be accepted where specialist evidence is required or legal matters need to be presented by an advocate.

The timescales for a planning appeal vary according to the type of appeal.  More information can be found here.

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