This part of the River Great Ouse is a boundary between two administrations for Planning in Bedfordshire, the boundary between Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.

The current Strategic Planning position in Bedfordshire is as follows:

Bedford Borough

The Local Plan 2030 was adopted in January 2020 and sets out how much growth there should be in the borough (housing, jobs and associated infrastructure) up to 2030 and where it should take place. In some settlements the Council is now looking to Neighbourhood Plans to allocate housing sites, generally in and around the defined Settlement Policy Area boundaries.

The Bedford Borough Allocations and Designations Local Plan was adopted in July 2013 and covers the period until 2021.  The Plan identifies sites for development to meet the Council’s needs to 2021.

A number of other supplementary documents form the basis for decision making when planning applications are submitted to the council. A full list can be viewed here.

The Council have now commenced an early review of the Local Plan and consultation on the Local Plan 2040 Draft Plan: Strategy options and draft policies  document ended on 3 September 2021. The next round of consultation (Pre-Submission Plan) is due to commence in May 2022 with consideration of the Plan at April’s Executive meeting . For more information click here.

Central Bedfordshire 

The Central Bedfordshire Local Plan 2015 to 2035 was formally adopted in July 2021. The adopted Local Plan, incorporating the Inspector’s Modifications, is now available on the Council’s website and carries full weight in the determination of planning applications.

The Council are commencing a review of the Local Plan and Officers are currently working on the areas of the plan that will need reviewing. The Forward Plan indicates that they will report back to the Sustainable Communities Committee in November 2022.  Further information can be found here.

Luton Borough 

The adopted Luton Local Plan (2011-31) is the strategic document setting out the vision, objectives and spatial planning strategy for the whole of Luton Borough Council’s area for the period up to 2031.  More details can be viewed here.

Neighbourhood Plans

There are also a number of made Neighbourhood Plans in Bedfordshire.  These form an integral part of the statutory development plan and significant weight is attached to their policies in the determination of planning applications.

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