Planning Permission has been granted for a detached dwelling on garden land in a large Bedfordshire village.

The site is situated within the designated settlement boundary, nestled in a thriving residential neighbourhood. An existing garage/workshop will be removed, creating the access to the rear garden where the new home and garage will be sited.

The proposed bungalow is an ‘L-shaped’ single-storey home, boasting two main bedrooms and a gable roof.  The design and layout was prepared by JRT Architectural Design Ltd.

Despite the Council’s resistance to backland development, it has concluded that the proposal is not out of character with the surrounding area and exhibits an appropriate design and scale.

Furthermore, the development would not lead to excessive development of the plot or a cramped form of development that would negatively impact the existing or proposed dwelling.

In addition, considering the proposal’s distance from neighbouring homes and the design and scale of the development, there will be no negative impact on the quality of life for nearby residents.

Therefore, the proposal is a sustainable development of high quality design and would not pose any negative impact on the residential ambiance of neighbouring homes or result in any adverse implications for highway safety.

The tree survey prepared by RGS Arboricultural Consultants concluded that the proposed removal of the low quality fruit trees represented a minimal impact upon visual amenity, since the majority of the trees are of a size whereby they are not widely visible.

The application was supported with an Ecological Appraisal & Bat Roosting Assessment report prepared by ELMAW Consulting.  The Ecological Enhancements proposed in the development will result in a +10.16% biodiversity net gain in on-site habitats and a new native hedgerow together with the retention of an existing ornamental non-native hedgerow will deliver a +334.73% increase in Hedgerow Habitats within the application site.

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