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What is the process for getting land developed?

The current government is trying to increase house building rates and you may be thinking – Should I be getting my land developed?

There are a number of ways of promoting land through the planning process as follows:

Neighbourhood Plans

Town and Parish Councils all over England are engaged in getting Neighbourhood Plans prepared for their area.  Many will be seeking to find suitable sites for housing development.  If a Neighbourhood Plan is proposed for your area and you would like your land included then get involved.  We can assist with submission of details and representations at the consultation stages.

Local Plans

All local planning authorities are required to have an up to date Local Plan and maintain a supply of housing sites. Many Councils are inviting your proposals in a Call for Sites.

Local plans go through various stages of consultation before finally being examined for compliance and soundness by an Independent Inspector.

A Call for Sites is a good way of promoting your potential development site.  If you don’t get your site allocated the first time you may get it five years later when a review takes place.

Here at J & J Design we have experience at all stages of Local Plan preparation and would be glad to assist you with this.

Planning Applications

Where land is in the urban area or within a Village Settlement Boundary or Development Framework, a planning application can be submitted and is likely to be supported provided relevant criteria are met.

Planning applications may also be successful in circumstances where Local Plans are out of date or the Council does not have Five Year Housing Land Supply.

The government has published Housing Delivery Test figures for each Council.  This may indicate the need for more sites in areas where an “Action Plan” or “Buffer” is indicated.  Information for each Council is available here.

J & J Design have long experience in various types of applications and would be pleased to give further advice for your specific project.

For more information about the difference between Full and Outline planning applications click here.

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