blueprint house in field

What is the process for getting land developed?

The current government is trying to increase house building rates and you may be thinking – Should I be getting my land developed?

Is it allocated in a Local Plan or within the settlement boundary?

Or do you need to promote it as a development opportunity?

“Land promotion” generally refers to the process of increasing the value of a piece of land for development or investment purposes. This can involve various activities and strategies aimed at enhancing the land’s appeal and potential.

One of the initial steps in land promotion is determining the best use for the land. This could be residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or a mix of these uses. Landowners and Promoters need to work closely with urban planners and local authorities to plan the best use for the land.

Land Promotion can be a long-term project to obtain a site allocation or there may be opportunities for an application as a “windfall” development.

Is your Town and Parish Council preparing a Neighbourhood Plan?

Don’t miss the opportunity in a Call for Sites.

Here at J & J Design we have experience at all stages of Local Plan preparation and more information can be found in our free Planning Guidance pdf.