The government are committed to delivering the ambition of up to a million new homes by 2050 across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc Growth Corridor to maximise its sustainable economic growth.

To make that vision a reality, £445 million is being provided to the Didcot and Cambridge infrastructure projects.

The government have also secured a joint declaration from councils and local enterprise partnerships across the Growth Corridor, with leaders signing up to ensuring that all are working together to deliver these desperately needed new homes and fulfil the Growth Corridor’s economic potential.

This document sets out the government ambitions for the Oxford-Cambridge Arc; it shows how they are working together across central Government and with local partners through a strategic focus on productivity, place-making, connectivity and the environment in order to achieve economic and social prosperity across the area.

Place-making in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc means creating places valued by local communities, including through the delivery of sufficient, affordable and high-quality homes, and wider services including health and education. This focus on quality place-making may also mean considering what planning flexibilities may be appropriate in the future to better support planning and increased housing supply to deliver local ambitions. The Government has set out its ambition for up to one million new homes in the Arc by 2050. But realising the full potential of the Arc also means a focus on quality and design, ensuring communities have access to infrastructure and services, and enhancing the environment.

The government will “work with local authorities to consider what planning approaches and flexibilities may be appropriate to better support planning and increased housing supply over the long-term”, it said.

Over the course of the next 12 months, the government will make a series of key announcements,  that will set further direction, including opportunities for communities, businesses, and universities to contribute to and inform these long-term plans in collaboration with central and local government.

In the meantime, CPRE has called for a public inquiry to examine the proposals and their impact on the local environment and communities.

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