A rural business has obtained planning permission for a replacement storage building.

A former poultry house and single storey lean-to extensions used for machinery and plant storage suffered severe damage as a result of a heavy snow fall.

Work commenced on the erection of a new structure to replace the former poultry house and single storey extensions, on the same footprint and same floor level.  The landowners were then advised that this required planning permission.

The proposed replacement building will comprise a steel structure with a central clear span and single storey lean-to bays on each side to replicate the former building.  The replacement building will have a ridge height similar to the poultry house and will reuse the profiled steel roof sheets together with new matching sheets.

The local planning authority concluded that the replacement storage building for an established rural business would not introduce harmful conditions to the surrounding residential amenity, nor would the building have a detrimental impact to the character and appearance of the area and the agricultural setting.  The building will provide necessary storage incidental to the business use of the site, which had been lost following the partial collapse of the previous structure.

It was therefore considered that the proposals complied with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the local policies.

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