Planning Permission has been granted for a pair of semi-detached dwellings as a replacement for a commercial storage building.

The site lies on the edge of a village and was in use by a wholesale greengrocer.

Permission had previously granted for the conversion of the existing buildings to a dwelling.  Works had started on site and the permission remained extant.

Revised plans for a pair of semi-detached three bedroom dwellings were originally considered to be overbearing on the neighbouring dwelling due to loss of light to a bedroom window.

However a comparison of the approved scheme and the proposed scheme showed that the new scheme was in fact less overbearing and would allow more light than the conversion.

The Council concluded that the principle of development was acceptable in this location.  It was also considered that there was benefit in removing the existing structure and overall it was concluded that the proposed dwellings were of a suitable design and would not adversely detract from the pattern of development in the area.

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