Do you have land on the edge of settlements?

Or redundant rural buildings?

Current national planning policy encourages the provision of new homes on the edge of settlements and conversion of redundant agricultural buildings.  The revised National Planning Policy Framework has added emphasis to small sites of less than a hectare.  Is your local Council aware of potential developments plots that you may have?

Agricultural buildings are permitted to change to dwellinghouses, provided that:

  • No more than five separate dwellinghouses are created.
  • Within this limit of five dwellinghouses, up to three can be ‘larger dwellinghouses’. (A larger single dwellinghouse is one with a floor space of more 100m2). No more than 465m2 of floor space can change use to ‘larger dwellinghouses’ under this class and no more than 465m2 of residential floor space is allowed in larger dwellinghouses.
  • Within the overall limit of five dwellinghouses, up to five can be ‘smaller dwellinghouses’. (Smaller dwellinghouses each have a floor space of no more than 100m2).

Agricultural buildings under 500m2 are permitted to change to flexible commercial uses, including:

  • A1 (shops);
  • A2 (professional and financial services);
  • A3 (restaurants and cafes);
  • B1 (business);
  • B8 (storage and distribution);
  • C1 (Hotels); or
  • D2 (Assembly and Leisure) uses.

Agricultural buildings within land under 500m2 are also permitted to change to a state funded school or a registered nursery.

J & J Design can assist with the preparation of planning applications and applications for prior approval for agricultural conversions.

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