Hertfordshire County Council are responsible for planning for waste, minerals (mostly sand and gravel quarries) and for services they provide like schools, libraries and roads.

However they are working on a joint strategic plan for South West Hertfordshire together with:

Dacorum Borough Council

St Albans City and District Council

Three Rivers District Council

Watford Borough Council

Hertsmere Borough Council

The Joint Strategic Plan (JSP) will provide a long-term blueprint for the area to 2050. It will be able to consider and address issues that cross council boundaries and set out a strategic vision for the area. It will also help guide future plans and strategies by setting out high level policies on topics such as climate change, infrastructure, environmental protection, employment and housing.

A new website has been launched to support the long term aspirations for South West Hertfordshire and views are being sought on the most important issues for those who live and work in the area.  Formal public consultation is expected in Spring 2022.

Each district council will still be responsible for preparing their own local plan, but a joint strategic plan will be a critical stage in local planning work across South West Hertfordshire, setting the strategic framework and shared priorities within which individual local plans can be prepared.

Current Local Plans in Hertfordshire include:

Broxbourne Borough Council

The Broxbourne Local Plan 2018-2033 was adopted in June 2020 and is available here.

Dacorum Borough Council

The Local Plan 1991-2011 was adopted in 2004 and should be read alongside the adopted Core Strategy and the Site Allocations DPD. The Core Strategy (adopted 2013) does not replace all of the policies contained within the Local Plan 1991-2011. Many of the policies within the Local Plan have been ‘saved’ and will continue to inform planning policy until they are formally superseded or cancelled.

Dacorum are in the process of preparing a new Local Plan for the borough and are now considering all comments submitted during the consultation on the Emerging Strategy for Growth (2020-2038) which closed on 28 February 2021.  All comments are now published and a summary of issues report has been prepared by the Council – visit the Dacorum website to find out more. The Council have now published a new Local Development Scheme which sets out that the next Draft Local Plan consultation will take place in June – July 2023 with the final plan not expected to be adopted until October 2025.

East Herts Council

The East Herts District Plan was adopted in October 2018. Further details can be found here.

Hertsmere Borough Council

The Hertsmere Local Plan (2012-2027) is made up of four parts:

  • Core Strategy adopted January 2013.
  • Elstree Way Corridor Area Action Plan adopted July 2015;
  • Site Allocations and Development Management (SADM) Policies Plan adopted November 2016;
  • Policies Map.

More information about these documents can be found here.

Hertsmere were in the process of producing a new Local Plan. Following the recent consultation Council members have unanimously resolved to ‘set aside’ the current version of Hertsmere’s new draft Local Plan but continue the plan-making process, so that future development in the borough remains under local democratic control.

North Hertfordshire District Council

Since 1996, the district’s planning policies have been contained in the District Local Plan No.2 with Alterations. Under the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, those policies expired on 27 September 2007, except for those which were given permission from the Secretary of State to endure beyond this date.

A new Local Plan covering the period 2011 – 2031 was submitted to the Government in June 2017.  This plan is being examined by an Independent Inspector.   Following the recent Further Main Modifications consultation, the Inspector is now considering all the representations that have been submitted.  Further information is available here.

St Albans City and District Council

The current adopted Local Plan is The District Local Plan Review 1994. This is being replaced by a new Local Plan.

A new draft Local Plan 2020-2038 is in preparation. It will affect what can be built, and where, up to 2038 in the District. The Council is experiencing delays due to resourcing issues and the  webpage will be updated throughout the plan-making process.

Stevenage Borough Council

The Stevenage Borough Local Plan 2011-2031 was adopted on 22 May 2019 and sets out how Stevenage will develop in the future. It seeks to provide around 7,600 new homes, alongside new jobs and community facilities. Further information and access to the adopted documents can be found here.

Three Rivers District Council

The current Three Rivers Local Plans consists of:

The Local Plan consists of:

  • Core Strategy
  • Development Management Policies Development Plan Document
  • Site Allocations Development Plan Document
  • Gypsy and Traveller Development Plan Document

The Council is preparing a new Local Plan for Three Rivers which will provide the planning policies and proposals for future sustainable growth in the District up to 2036. The Regulation 18 Preferred Policy Options and Sites for Potential Allocation closed in July 2021.  All representations submitted as part of the consultation will be considered and the council is aiming for the next stage of consultation (known as Regulation 19) to happen in November / December 2022.. Further details can be found here.

Watford Borough Council

The Watford Local Plan guides the strategic approach to growth in the borough. This includes the Watford Core strategy which sets out the vision for growth in the borough and contains strategic policies that inform planning decisions. The Watford District Plan 2000 also includes planning policies to be considered alongside the core strategy.

A list of the saved policies from the Watford District Plan 2000 can be found here. These policies continue to be a material consideration when determining planning applications.

A new Local Plan is currently at Examination. Hearing sessions were held during January and February 2022. The Council have now published proposed Main modifications which the Inspector has approved for consultation. For more information visit https://www.watfordlocalplan.co.uk/

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

The current planning policies for Welwyn Hatfield are set out in the statutory development plan which comprises: the saved policies of the Welwyn Hatfield District Plan adopted 2005, the Hertfordshire Waste Local Plan adopted 2012-2014 and the Hertfordshire Minerals Local Plan adopted 2007. Links to these documents can be found here.

A new Local Plan is in preparation. Following various rounds of consultation, the Local Plan was submitted for examination in May 2017.  The Examination has now been in progress for over four years.  The Inspector has now requested the Council to confirm if they intend to provide a sound plan that includes a ten-year supply of identified housing sites and thereby proceed quickly to MMs, by 8 July 2022. Copies of these letters can be read here.

For further advice or to find out how your property fits into this framework for planning in Hertfordshire please contact us.