The government has announced the preferred route for the Bedford to Cambridge section of East West Rail (EWR), which could see a significant boost delivered for local transport connectivity across the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford growth arc (CaMkOx).

Five routes were considered in a public consultation during 2019.

The preferred route, route E, as set out on the above plan, will link Bedford Midland and Cambridge stations with a new station between Sandy and St Neots, and at Cambourne . The route will provide improved connectivity between towns and cities across the growth arc, improving passenger journey times and supporting the Arc to fulfil its economic potential as a world-class strategic innovation Arc.

On top of connectivity and travel benefits, EWR has the potential to support new homes and jobs in the Cambridge – Milton Keynes – Oxford growth Arc. The government is committed to ensuring that future development demonstrates high standards of design and environmental sustainability and with local infrastructure and affordable housing in place.

The East West Railway Company are now undertaking environmental surveys in the area around the Preferred Route Option, to help them choose the right alignment, and will be contacting local landowners to arrange access for these surveys. Further information can be found here.

Here at J & J Design we are well equipped to assist landowners and developers with planning applications in the Bedford to Cambridge area to complement the East West Rail infrastructure proposals.

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