What if my planning permission expired during Lockdown?

The standard condition attached to a full planning permission requires the development to begin no later than 3 years from the grant of permission.

For outline permissions, applications for reserved matters approval must be made no later than 3 years from the grant of permission, and development must begin no later than 2 years from the final approval of reserved matters.

The restrictions imposed by the current Covid 19 crisis may make meeting these timescales challenging. However, commencement of work on site does not require a great deal of work.  Following commencement the permission remains extant until such time as the work can continue.  Contact us for further advice on what constitutes a ‘material’ commencement.

The government have now released new legislation for an automatic extension for a limited period of time.  For further details see: Post Covid-19 Plans to Get Britain Building.

In the meantime, it is important that all conditions requiring approval of details prior to commencement of work have been discharged.

Here at J & J Design we are in a position to assist with submissions of details to discharge conditions or submission of details for reserved matters applications.  Please contact us for further advice.