Bedford Borough Local Plan 2030 (adopted January 2020) includes a requirement for the plan to be reviewed quickly.  It will review the development strategy, include site allocations and review development management policies where required.

The first Issues and Options consultation document has now been published for the consideration of the Executive Committee on 24 June 2020.

The document (which can be viewed here) proposes potential locations for housing and employment growth including:

  • further regeneration within the Bedford / Kempston urban area, particularly of any available brownfield sites;
  • expansion of the Bedford / Kempston urban area;
  • expansion within the borough boundary, of neighbouring urban areas, such as Rushden and St. Neots;
  • development along the A421 corridor;
  • development around an East West Rail northern station;
  • new settlements in locations with good accessibility;
  • more dispersed development throughout the borough including the expansion of villages.

It is proposed that the consultation will run until 4th September 2020 alongside  a ‘Call for Sites’ exercise which will close on 14th August 2020.

The ongoing timetable has been published by the Borough Council as follows:

Draft plan consultation – Summer 2021

Submission Publication (Regulation 19) – Summer 2022

Submission to the Secretary of State – January 2023

Examination period – 2023

Receipt of Inspector’s binding report – Autumn 2023

Adoption – Winter 2023

Now is the time to be preparing documents to submit for the Call for Sites consultation.

Keep checking our website for updates through the stages set out above and contact us for further assistance and advice with your projects.